Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Simplicity Pattern - Cynthia Rowley 2497

I really like this pattern.   I made the dress in style C about a year ago and decided to make style A 2 weeks ago.  I used a plum polyester shantung from Joanns.  I love this material because it has the look of dupioni, but doesn't wrinkle.  Its really easy to work with too.  All in all, I was pretty happy with it.  I made some novice mistakes... I used a 7 inch zipper and couldn't get into the dress.  I had to rip it out and add the longer zipper that the pattern called for-  that's a mistake I won't make again!  My gathering in the front was not even, so I ended up pulling the midriff apart and redoing that.  And lastly one of the sleeve linings ended up too tight and was pulling the dress over to the right.  I probably should have redone the sleeve, but I just put a slice in the lining and you can't tell when I'm wearing the dress.  I wore it to church on Sunday and I was pretty happy with the way it turned out- although I don't love it as much as the one with the ruffled neckband!  It will be a good dress to wear to work.

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  1. I just love this! I read your blog about a month ago and didn't save it. I fell in love with the Simplicity 2497 pattern and searched a bunch of others' photos of the finished dress. I spent about 20 mins just trying to find your blog again! I moved to Columbia from Raleigh and was so inspired to sew. I work right across from Laroque boutique...and your blog inspired me even more!! I am a beginner and just bought my first fabric last night from Walmart..i was suprised that they do have a select few fabrics that are good quality..i traced one of my long sleeve silky shirts and acquired my mom's sewing machine..
    do you have any tips on where to get the best fabric? I know fabric.com has lots of sales but you can't actually see the fabric in person and I don't want to be dissapointed. Also, can a beginner sew the simplicity 2497? I am in love with this dress and REALLY want to try it!