Monday, January 23, 2012

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2587 - Take Two

After I posted the blog entry on my Cynthia Rowley 2587, I was getting ready to head over to and I decided that I really didn't like it - so I went home and grabbed my seam ripper.

I didn't have a lot of the red material when I first started this project, so I skimped a little on the sleeves and cut a size 6.  It's taken a few blow ups to realize... pattern sizing does not equal retail sizing.  I definitely need a size 8 in the upper body/shoulder area.

So off came the sleeves and out went the zipper.  I decided to redo the whole project and make view A, but short.  I added a little extra fabric into the side seams reworked the entire top and added the zipper back in.  Then I sewed up the middle about an inch and half.  The end result is SO much better.  It is definitely not a conservative, church going dress, but it is so much more comfortable.

With my sweet helpers... could they be any cuter?

I'm so glad that I made these changes... there is nothing worse than spending the time to make something and then just letting it hang in your closet unworn.  I do think that I will make the long sleeved version in a soft, light cotton this summer as a beach cover up...  I just need a little warm weather!

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